YouTube Watch Later Telegram Bot 

What is it?

YWLTB is a Telegram bot.

It can be found in Telegram at @YouTubeWatchLaterBot.

It does one simple thing: adds incoming YouTube videos into your "Watch Later" playlist.

How does it work?

  1. You give a consent to the bot to access and manage your YouTube account. Privacy Policy applies.
  2. You send YouTube links to the bot.
  3. The bot adds them to the end of your "Watch Later" playlist.

Manage my YouTube?

Yes. You need to give this bot access to manage your YouTube account. Without that, it cannot modify your "Watch Later" playlist. Privacy Policy applies.

But don't worry!

First, you don't need to provide this bot your username and password. It uses OAuth to access your YouTube account. OAuth uses short-lived tokens with a limited scope to access data via API. It means that your credentials are not exposed to the bot and the access is limited only to the YouTube API. The bot cannot access other resources like your Gmail or Google Calendar.

Second, you are in full control of this access. You can revoke it at any moment in your Google Account settings.

Third, this bot is an Open Source Software. You can review the codebase, hosted on GitLab and GitHub, for any potential threats, and decide to trust it or not. You can even deploy your private instance of this bot and use it. The instructions can be found in the README of the aforementioned repositories.